Stop Searching!! See The Top 5 Locations to Invest in Lagos State

Acquiring a property in Lagos is arguably one of the major yearnings of most Nigerian bound investors and Lagos state residents. Whilst this desire is burning hot and probably fast within you,  taking steps or actions to actualize that desire or dream is a different ball game entirely. Where knowledge of the Real Estate Investment sector in Lagos is absolutely essential for the real estate investor, particularly those investing with the aim of making profit & commendable returns on their investment. The three points to note and have on your checklist when making any real estate investment include:

• Title
• Location
• Purpose of Use

In real estate acquisition or investment, location has a direct correlation with appreciation of the value of properties and the general lifestyle of the investor.


The list below shows some premium locations an investor should consider purchasing lands and properties from:


These locations make it to the top of the list because of certain characteristics they possess aside from being extremely convenient for the land or property buyer, namely:

  1. These are growing areas: Investment should always be encouraged in a growing location especially for a middle class population, as buying properties in an already established area has proven to be extremely expensive and mostly out of reach. Developing areas on the other hand allow time and flexibility of investment because you can buy cheap and resell at a later date.
  2. These locations have close proximity to basic amenities for additional value: If the property has basic amenities nearby, it adds a great value to the property. Proximity to shopping complex, swimming pool, open area, gyms, parks & playgrounds, serve as additional incentives, which in turn increases the value of your investment. However, if the property does not have such facilities, it should have foreseeable future plans to do so. Most of the upcoming real – estate projects have all these facilities integrated with their projects to lure additional investors; which means the more estate projects come up the more of such facilities as would be available.
  3. Easy access to Transport Facilities: Intending property and land buyers should consider proximity to and availability of various means of public transportation services. Various transport services like car parks, ports, airport etc should be within considerable distance or earmarked for development in the near future.
  4. Availability of Schools & Hospitals in nearby areas: Prior to investing, one should consider the availability of hospitals and schools in nearby environs. A property that within its axis boasts of reputable schools and premium hospitals can be sure to enjoy a good return on investment.
  5. Alluring potential for business & companies: Always bear in mind that there are areas where existing(or new) multi-national companies or locally owned firms have established or situated. If this is the case, value increases because jobs are created and corresponding provision of housing for employees and all staff brings about a hike in value and return on investment respectively. Everybody knows that demand increases value especially if the supply is low – its best when you are a part of the initial group of suppliers as you essentially set the tone for subsequent sales.


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