Looking to Invest? We Love Sales

Owning land is usually a capital intensive project; well not anymore or for land in Safari Gardens Estate.

Good news !!!
There is a solution and opportunity now for mid-income earners at the renowned Ibeju-Lekki to own lands in a Serviced Estate with as low as NGN25k monthly and to pay within 4yrs.

Value Proposition of this offer is that in this time the land would be worth 7-10M while you’d have been paying as low as N25k for it.

*High Return on Investment of over 200% annually.
*Payment plan can be spread across 3, 6, 19 or 40 months.

Outright payment is NGN900,000 and is payable over 3-months.

19-month payment is N950, 000

40-month payment is N1,000,000

Offer valid while stock lasts
For more info: contact Lerato & Adams


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Tel: 08094822156

Email: leratoandadams@gmail.com

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @leratoandadams


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