Kidpreneurs: The Trend of The Jet Age?

With each year that passes we get to hear about even younger people becoming successful entrepreneurs. Parents no longer wait for their kids to get out of University before seeing them do things they love and making money from it – in fact its welcomed in some cases.

Kidpreneurs, Mikaila umar, 11, lemonade, successful, Lerato & Adams, leratoandadams,
Mikaila Umar aged 12; Founder, Me and the Bees.
Childboss, the boss child, boss, CEO, kidpreneur, invested,
Moziah Bridges founded Mo’s Bows at the age of 11







Knowing that millionaires like Richard Branson also were kidpreneurs in their own time is also key – some were born with the entrepreneurial spirit and some were not.

For the kids that were not born with the entrepreneurial spirit, all hope is not lost.  As parents or guardians we can teach them how to be successful as entrepreneurs or business owners – not everything should be about getting good grades and looking for a good job. Are there even enough good jobs out there for our kids to get into anymore?

Examples would include buying assets in their name for example land or gold. Why should these two be the preferred choice?

  • They are low maintenance
  • They both appreciate in value even in a recession
  • They are a retained value item – will never become invaluable
  • The longer the wait to recoup or utilise the items the higher the returns/yield
  • They can even be ‘put to work’ as a continuous source of income to cater to financial sustainability.
  • Your kids do not need to work full time on them as they yield returns even while we sleep
  • Most importantly investing in these items is an easy plan and goal to achieve

With as little as N25,000 per month and payable over a maximum duration of 40 months you too can invest in your child’s future with a plot of land.

For more information on how to invest for your child through land/real estate, drop us a line below or send an email request to


All purchases as result of this post are eligible for a further 5% discount

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