Perks of investing for Real Estate in Ibeju Lekki

Signed MoU to rehabilitate the 50km stretch of road linking Ondo State to Ibeju-Lekki

Between the Ondo State Governent and the NDDC, there is an agreement to rehabilitate the road in question. This means that the distance between both states will be reduced by way of road travel from multiple hours to just under 1 hour.
Signed MoU that will see Lagos emerge as the first Smart City in Africa
Wanting to move the development and opportunities for Lagos State a notch higher, the State Government has signed an agreement with the Dubai Smartcity LLC that will see the state established as the first Smart City in Africa.

A deliberate attempt to establish a strong convergence between technology, economic development and governance.

The Smart City concept is a growing one that draws from the success of Dubai’s innovative knowledge-based industry clusters to empower business growth for companies and knowledge workers all over the world.

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Dubai Smart City

It is expected that in the same manner that Dubai was built and transformed from a desert location to a world class economy, the Ibeju-Lekki axis of the state would enjoy the same.


  1. Currently ongoing construction of the Dangote Refinery 

The refinery being constructed in an area that was initially being considered the out-skirts of the town, is projected to be able to turn the fortune of the Nigerian economy around for good. Turning the country’s crude oil into gasoline for hungry consumers.

If his refinery project is successful, Nigeria could even become an exporter of gasoline and other petroleum products to the region. That would be a change welcomed by long-suffering Nigerians. For average citizens, the lack of domestic refining capacity has meant frequent power cuts and eight-hour lines at gas stations. It is highly doubted that having a constant supply of electricity would be a problem when the refinery is completed.  There is a Jetty also being constructed nearby to support these goals of transportation and accessibility.

2. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

This has been a recreational and tourist property for    It is a private 60-acre beach resort that combines an African themed hospitality with modern luxury

3. Lekki Free Trade Zone

This project for Nigeria began in 2002, after receiving Presidential approval. Over 215 hectares of pristine land was acquired, prepared,
and allocated for development. An avant-garde corporate headquarters has also been built to effectively oversee the development of LFTZ. Watch trailer showing the development plan and features of the“>LFTZ.

as a part of the development of the LFTZ, the partners have all been weighing in to ensure that their financial committments are met and the project meets the expectation. Over 1000 companies inclusively, all of whom are gradually setting up shop or already have.

4. Golf Course in Lakowe and surrounded by prime real estate with world class standards as listed here
5. Deep Sea Port Presence
6. Luxury Resorts centers

Real Estate development in the area includes over 150 gated Estates within the area and all being developed with a structured plan for coordination and organisation.

After we have analysed all the infrastructural reasons why Ibeju Lekki should be your focus for real estate investment. Lets now talk about the financial & business end of your choice. This discussion will be based on past experience of Real Estate investment in areas of Lagos that did not have this same level of attention given.

Lekki Phase 1: In 2001, a plot of land was sold for N6 million. In 2016 it was sold for at least N100 million, now the prices are as high as N150 million per plot.

Competitive analysis:

  • Our plots in Ibeju-Lekki start from NGN 900,000 and will very easily become NGN 20 million per plot in a few years
  • Our offers are currently selling at introductory prices and thus are already lower than the projected value they should currently have


Be part of the smart success stories in the NEW LAGOS – Lagos after 50 seems to be an even more exciting place and time to be involved.

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