Who takes who home at the end of the month?

So its literally ‘Pay Day’, a time where all the debts and bills are literally waiting with a very expectant mind to being paid – everyone wants to get paid. On the other hand, employers at this time are seriously crunching numbers and getting cranky over the huge amounts of money they are needing to pay out. {Does this ever change with the size of the company? Considering how Banks and sales oriented companies push for closure and reconciliation of the books before month end, I will bet that it doesn’t and EVERY KOBO COUNTS.

At one point in time or the other we have all considered how to get out of this rat race and shift the dynamic from the norm? For most, they will get a job and earn a ‘good-paying’ salary – but its just THAT – a salary

Salary is a fixed amount of money or compensation paid to an employee by an employer in return for work performed. Salary is commonly paid in fixed intervals, for example, monthly payments of one-twelfth of the annual salary

If you don’t work – you don’t get paid

if you aren’t performing on the job – you don’t get paid

If your job isn’t making enough money – YOU DON’T GET PAID.

Many of us have taken good-looking jobs for the “armed robber” salaries attached to them but the truth is that the bigger the paycheck, the tighter the noose. If you know anyone whose paycheck is enough to pay their bills with change to spare, please let us know – we love friends like that **wide grin

Getting down to business, everyone needs a fallback plan and a fallback plan to the fallback plan – hope that makes sense but if not, lets break it down a little.

Have you heard of anyone who got rich just by keeping a job and earning a salary?

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If you are tired of just being in a job, working for just a salary or your job isn’t making enough to “take you home” then you need to get up and get moving – fix the problem.

Find a source of passive income or investment that will work for you everyday and even when you are on holiday or supposedly having a chill.

Options we have discovered that some of the richest people in the world have chosen/adapted include

  1. Network Marketing
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Real Estate
  4. Food & Beverage
  5. Technology
  6. A mix of all of the above (wink)

Can you see the common denominator to all of these businesses or career choices?

INVESTMENT!! Without it, you are going nowhere, so take the high road and find value in investing for yourself and by yourself for your self.

Hopefully, next month you will take your salary/pay check home and not vice versa.

Adios muchacho!!

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