Hang in there! No one said it will be easy

Would you abandon your baby simply because he/she fails to walk? The birth of a Brand is like having a new-born child.

Expecting your business to take off right away is like expecting your 18 month old baby to head off to university tomorrow. Can you give birth to adults? The answer is NO!

I believe one of the keys to success is treating your business like a baby. Just like an infant, your business needs constant attention at the beginning if you want it to be healthy and grow. “It needs constant feeding, changing of clothes and diapers”

As the baby gets older and you become more experienced as a parent and entrepreneur, your business like your child, will begin to sustain it-self. You can then take a step back, while still keeping a close watch. Every parent knows children don’t stay small forever, and eventually your business will reach its “teenage years,”

Welcome Note for Newbies in the House/Business

Growing a business is like parenting a child. As an entrepreneur, you should think of your business as a child. You need to love what you are doing above all else. If you love it no matter what happens, you will get through it. Don’t abandon your baby-business simply because it fails to walk – it will one day

Tips to staying in the game and succeeding eventually

  1. Do it for yourself – set realistic goals and keep working towards them
  2. Learn all you can EVERY TIME you can – knowledge is power and only those who are informed truly succeed in any circumstance.
  3. Build your OWN pace – not the pace of the people ahead of you or those joining alongside you but YOURS
  4. Think of creative ways to market, sell and position yourself as a ‘SME’ {subject matter expert} to the niche you think you want to target
    • creating a niche that is too small will limit you and one too big will overstretch you; moderation is the key word here
  5. Stay close to a series of mentors that are in the business and being successful at it – remember that everyone has their own ‘business’ to tend to so if you are going to be a burden they will drop you faster than you can spit out hot yam from your mouth.
  6. Marketing your brand is very key – no need to break the bank getting this done but you need to get it done smartly.
  7. Look to other strategic partners that have either an existing network you can leverage on or start to build a team of diverse personalities that are people authorities
  8. Don’t be afraid to say – “I don’t know but can find out and get back to you”
  9. Ask for tips and strategies that are already working for others – adapt them as your own. Don’t reinvent the wheel too early on – you will get caught up
  10. Last but not least, tell people about what you are doing. Your net-worth is always a reflection of your network; fortunately networks can always be built and rebuilt.

So, there you have it guys. If you are exploring diversification and recently got into a new line of business these are easy tips for which you can nurture your business from infancy to adulthood.

Have fun!!!

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