March 31st: Bye bye to Q1 of 2017

How does a day have so much meaning across a wide spectrum of people?

March 31st – the last day of the month

Friday – the last working day of the week

March 31st – end of Q1

Friday – TGIF

To a business owner, it also means you must have paid the wages, salaries and bills of your staff and the business as a whole – as well as the blatant reminder that the next quarter is starting and your goals for Q2 must be ready to be activated. So most definitely, unless your business is on autopilot and slamming on the finish line of the goals spectrum – you won’t like the significance of today{we commiserate with you here}

But hey!! That’s what a new day, week and month signifies – ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO DO BETTER!!! If you are reading this, then let’s help you get started

No use crying over spilled milk, right? Its assessment time …..

✍🏼Take a review of March

✍🏼Outline the mistakes you made

✍🏼Draw out the lessons learnt

✍🏼The deals closed

✍🏼The pending deals

✍🏼The team you have recruited

✍🏼How far your team has grown

✍🏼Review your targets for last month, were they S-M-A-R-T?

✍🏼The income you got in March (was it an improvement to the earnings for February)

Now create your APRIL in your head…..


April, Planning for April, Q2, leratoandadams, goal setting,

💰How much do you want to achieve from next month

💰How many clients do you want to service

💰How many new proposals do you want to send out

💰Read, watch and analyse educational material & resources relevant to your business

Are you ready to take on April now? if the answer is yes, then
tgif, happy friday, leratoandadams, March 31, Hello April, April 2017

Here is wishing you all a wonderful month of April and may your goals and targets be met.




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