Don’t be a victim

We have all heard stories of how people got swindled of money via dubious land sellers; maybe some of us have been victims too. Bottom-line is that the experience is awful and quite unnecessary.

With all the checks available to potential land owners including buying from registered company partners or authenticating the documents made available, getting swindled by this means should be currently reduced to almost Nil – but that isn’t quite the case.

Going further, the Lagos State Government has enabled their law-makers to work towards passing a bill which stipulates that anyone who sells land to another person knowing that such a land belongs to a third party commits an offence and is liable to 21 years imprisonment upon conviction.

How do you avoid falling into this pitfall? Buy from a registered company or partner!!

With the introduction of commission selling, many businesses especially the real estate ones are looking to partners that help them sell to clients. Each partner is registered to sell the products of the company and earn a commission.

Here are the reasons why you should buy land from a registered company partner

  • Real estate developers give you the advantage of paying on installment. Up to 6 months or even more in some cases. You can’t try that with Omonile. They take their money outright.
  • Real estate companies gives you the advantage of buying while you wait. ie you can buy now and develop in ten years in as much as you clear the area regularly
  • Real estate companies perfect titles. Wetin concern Omonile with title? Sister/brother you are O-Y-O (on your own). Land may be cheap when you buy from omo Onile but the trouble you face after full payment of the land is unquantifiable.
  • You don’t pay developmental levy when you buy from omo Onile, but the type of trouble they cause when you want to start building is not small and as a matter of fact you might even spend double the price you bought the land

Honestly I won’t advice my enemies to buy from Omo Onile, let alone my friends! Don’t fall victim – let us do our job & work, let us help you. Do not buy land from unregistered company partners.

Looking to buy land in Lagos and don’t want to get trapped with an omoonile, fill in your details here and we will contact you with a list of viable properties and opportunities.


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