Let’s build your dreams together ….

…because now is a great time to buy Land.

Land is fast becoming a scarce and essential commodity; it’s appreciation value is growing steadily. Most of the undeveloped land around you is already bought up by someone; some of whom are already reselling at profits as high as 300%.

Why aren’t you one of these ‘someones’? Probably because you haven’t found something within budget? Well, that is where we come in – simply choose your preference(s) in any of the fast-selling bargains we have put together for you.

Basic information about the lands available are

  • Plot size: 600sqm
  • Soil type: Dry land 
  • Locations: Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State

Infrastructure in the environs include:

  • New International Airport
  • Dangote refinery
  • New Sea Port
  • 4th Mainland Bridge
  • La Campaigne Tropicana Resort

We are offering a 2.5% cashback bonus on all outright purchases made though us

Call or leave us a comment in the box below and let’s get started


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