Closure Series #5: Breathe Again And Stay Positive.

You gleefully wished people a happy 2016.You had sparkles in your eyes and told yourself “this is going to be the best year ever”

You ran along with your goals. Daily you work and dare to realise your expectations.

Congrats ,you did it!

Again, maybe not!

Oops! what went wrong ?

You feel you didn’t do enough?

C’mon mi-friend , You did.

You tried your best, salute to you!!

But your best probably wasn’t enough. Dont go blaming yourself .

It wasn’t your fault alone that it didn’t end the way you wanted.

Look back at the factors that impacted on this outcome.

Finance- Exchange rate and recession

Relationship : Stress and everyone trying to stand for themselves. Not much of sharing is left because we all wanna make it happen regarding our goals.

Social, perhaps you can say it went well.

Spiritual, were you like me who set a goal to finish the Bible in one year and quenched like smoke the 3rd month?

In all of these happenings can you pause for a moment and Identify the many blessings in disguise?

Think of the lessons learnt from each attempt you made and how it has made you better and also strengthened your thought and decision making process.

I Celebrate you today and especially the lessons you have learnt .

A new you has emerged and is going to rock the new year.

C’mon breathe again and stay positive.

The best times are here, you just finished strong!

Cheers to a magnificent 2017 ahead.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my post daily; in 2017, I will be reaching you with loads of videos. I will share with you how I evolved despite my hurdles. God Bless …..




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