Closure Series #4: Stripped But Free!

Forgiveness and Love are feelings strange to me. I am good at hurting , I can identify with pains but love I can’t.

Accepting Love has been a major challenge for me because the past has left me unsure of who really loves me and how genuine the love is.

I also discovered that I internalise and suppress issues a lot because rather than face the issue or my ghost, I just move on like nothing happened.

Guess what, this morning I decided to face someone who has deeply hurt me. The question is, inspite of how I felt badly hurt each time I think about them, did he deliberately do it, No!

Not making excuses for anyone but perhaps people are sometimes right and am wrong .
I may also be the right one and people are wrong .

As I faced my hurts this morning , I feel stripped.

Yes stripped of the un-forgiveness and intense feeling of resentment.

Stripped of the feeling of betrayal

Stripped of the clumsiness around people which majorly affects how I relate with everyone and turns me to someone who is so unsure of herself .
Out of clumsiness, i live to please everyone even the toxic and parasitic ones too .

Being stripped comes with a feeling of nakedness.

I feel light because I can’t feel the weight of the load I carried all along,all through the years again.

Does it feel cool?No,but its okay!

I feel defenceless and vulnerable but above all I feel liberated and very light.

No tightness in my chest or palpitations.

2016 is a year of stepping out!

Are you in my shoes?

Its time to take stock and drop the weight. Strip yourself bare of relationship conflicts and be empowered with freedom.

Freedom is where the biggest deal lies for you.

Drop the load and be free .
Cheers to a wholesome you!



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