Closure Series 2 : Child Sexual Abuse & Rapes

A child is innocent and curious. They do not have a limit or boundary. They are excited about all things, this is made possible by their plain mind,Children do not know what to do and what not to do because they are children!

I was just 5years old when it all started. Abused by an older male cousin who my parents never believed knew anything sex talk less prey on me. I was threatened with death should I speak about it to anyone.

This abuse from my cousin alone continued for over 2years. Afternoons were my worst times of the day because after school I get summoned somehow to satisfy my cousin’s perversions.

I became a withdrawn child, I became unsure and looked for acceptance everywhere. I had a dreamy look always and I expect people to figure out what am thinking about because I didn’t believe I won’t die or be killed for expressing myself.

I see a devil in everyone and trusted no one to bring me any good. Everyone happens to just abuse me even females; School mothers,classmates and I wondered why God created me as people’s plaything.

I resented my mother for a long time because I felt she was pursuing her career at the expense of our wellbeing but now I know I was wrong!

She was doing everything for us but had the wrong support system and the wrong family system structure. The home even though is nuclear was dysfunctional. No systems were in place to curb the activities of terrorists. My cousin was a terrorist in our camp.

An abused body further magnetises more abuse no wonder I was raped severally and by trusted people too!

Today I share this part of me with you because I shut the door on the effects of abuse and rapes. No more do I or will I seek to fit into anyone’s shoes or acceptance rating, I WILL ONLY BE MYSELF.

Have you experienced this before ?

Have you faced it or dealt with it?

If you have, then its time to shut it down! Let your wounds and trauma go with 2016.

I am baggage free, you too can be!

I celebrate my freedom!



#SpeakUp #PhoenixRisen


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