Closure series 1: Compliments

I left Home officially, 10 years ago shortly after my NYSC.

Life post-home has been very educating and filled with experiences.

Lately I discovered I had not let go of some things that happened while I was home. The experiences from childhood. Happenings that have impacted and made me who I am.

My struggles, victories and celebrations. I couldn’t get over some things that happened recently but I decided to close the door.

So here I am, back home and lying down on my childhood bed. As a matter of fact I slept on my bed last night and went back on my journey so far, I was back in time and gladly I woke up whole.

I was able to identify what it all has been about. I decided to do closure on some parts of my life and I will be sharing some of my experiences and its effects on my life with you all in the next 5days ending this year.

Are you like me and you need to take stock and close the door on some things? For me, its time to move on, better things, better day and a better you.

Looking forward to a better year – 2017




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