Are you ready for 2017?

With the ending of 2016, i have felt the pressure of various things including ‘ending the year on a high note’ because I lost my consistency in the course of the year and fell way off in achieving my targets. (Sounds familiar to you too???) A lot of us get like this – but we shouldn’t;

  • What did we do wrong?
  • How did we do it wrong?
  • What do we need to do to fix that?

Are you making any resolutions you need to achieve and abide by in the new year? Here are a 10 things that help maintain your work-life balance, put you into perspective and keep you accountable to your goals

  1. Take a few days off in the new year

Before you crucify me saying how do you do this whilst going to your job [still an employee and not on leave], you can plan to do this in the 1st weekend of the year or to just take it easier at work – talk less and listen more. You might surely learn a thing or two from the things that your colleagues tease you about whilst wishing you well in the new year.

2. Reflect on 2016, only if you do this truthfully will it serve you

This should help you figure out the ‘unhelpful decisions’ you made or the ‘helpful’ ones you didn’t make. as long as you learn from your mistakes, and improve on the winning points you are sure to do better and more in 2017

3. Score a low hanging fruit

Do something for yourself. Pick a task that you ‘almost finished’ and finish it – not to score points but to boost your morale and feel-good factor. Because everything else rides on YOU, if you don’t feel good about yourself the journey will be tougher.

4. Make a list of things you should be doing – either to be happy, healthier, fulfilled or content and schedule all of them to happen intermittently.

Title this your “HAPPY” to-do list and keep it simple and easy to keep in your routine or schedule. The list could include activities like watching a movie, girls night out, exercise, take a walk (this you should do almost every day), cook a new recipe, social welfare and etc.

5. Write out your goals (keep them SMART) and make a plan to achieve them

S- simple; easy to do and not complex

M- measurable; make sure you can measure the outcomes and deliverables of the task

A – achievable; plan to complete it [don’t make it too easy that it won’t challenge you]

R – realistic; draft your goals based on reality not fully on faith or beliefs that you can

T – timely; assign start and stop dates to each of the tasks and keep to the timelines

6. Assess your career and/or business, outline what developmental goals you need to move forward. schedule at least two of them to be achieved in 2017

When you know where you want to go in life, you will know what you need to get there. Once you do, make sure you position yourself to acquire them. It involves another list and sub-actions – no one said it would be easy but it sure is going to be worth it in the end.

7. Review what skills you need to adapt to progress in the ever-changing world; sign up for at least 1 skills development course every quarter or half year

Run a survey or use the yearly review of your performance in the last year to look out for points you need to improve on. Research for courses you can take or classes you can join to improve yourself. The essence of being alive is to keep learning and growing. Take an online course, join a webinar, find a social group with a common interest.

8. Action a plan to grow secondary/residual income to increase your net worth and wealth.

Everyone thinks that money is the root of all evil {its kind of true} but being more financially independent is the best and easiest morale booster for anyone. Have you ever noticed how financial dependency gives you a special spring to your step or able to seemingly shine or look better. Truth is that you feel more confident when you are

9. Make time for family, friends & fun – be a better parent, child, sibling, friend, colleague or partner.

Family & friends are the bedrock/foundation of our personal balance wheel; without them we will be lost. Yes there will be quarrels, fights and times you want to kill each other literally but they are the ones who are there for you when you need them so why not be there with them when you don’t?

10. Be accountable – share these goals and plans with a trusted friend, encourage this friend to either do the same or assess your plan and help you measure the success of each one

Need I explain this further? Ok I will – being accountable means that you allow someone else to rate you as well as go on the journey with you. Either for the reasons of being able to motivate you to stay on track or having someone to celebrate discreetly with; either way having someone to experience life with is the greatest ambition of life. No (wo)man is an island

So now, I ask again – Are you ready for 2017?

Here is wishing you a fulfilled new year in advance; keep reading, learning and growing – the world is not enough.

See you on the other side of the calendar



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