A little bit of everything ……

Hi guys, so we have just started this blog and its live for viewing. Let us tell you a bit about what you will find here and hopefully you can also tell us what you want to see.

Content will be largely targeting the African demography with development and empowerment opportunities they can assess, learn from as well as benefit from. We like to do and give a little bit of ‘almost everything’ but most importantly to inspire, motivate, empower and include.

Aiming for a truly interactive engagement, we look forward to positive engagements that foster growth.

From a business perspective, you will learn and teach us about your nearby markets – maybe we can further connect you with partners who will be invested in them.

From a social enterprise perspective, we will help you explore the learning experiences of various scenarios and hopefully you can avoid the traps in your own life.

From a lifestyle perspective, we will try to share with you the best and foremost tips, opportunities and ways of getting things done individually or as a group.

From a needs perspective, we hope that we can connect you with as many things that you desire for a fulfilled life, and vice versa.

Please feel free to use the comments section in as respectful a manner as you can, we wish for this platform to be as diversely respectful as possible. If you have feedback for us, do send it in and we promise to look into it.

Hope you will enjoy being with us as much as we think we are going to enjoy being with you.





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